Graydon Hill Homeowners Association (HOA) Mid-Summer Update

August 16, 2022

The Graydon Hill HOA would like to extend best wishes to the community for a safe and happy summer! As the HOA continues to make progress through its first year in operation, we would like to provide a mid-summer update to the community on developments from the HOA and within our community.

Summer Maintenance

Early in the year, the HOA requested three quotes for summer maintenance. After review and deliberation, the HOA signed contracts with both the City of Edmonton and Twisted Landscaping & Property Detailing Inc.  The City took on rejuvenation of the mulch beds in the neighbourhood and the provision and maintenance of 6 flower planters.  Twisted was engaged for 2 additional cycles of mowing and trimming above that provided by the city in our regular allotment (no additional turf-grass maintenance was contracted from the city).  

The HOA is responsible to enhance maintenance in public areas (areas under the care of the City).  To arrange that maintenance, the City needs to either perform that maintenance themselves, or be involved in approving work done by third-party contractors.  When negotiating with the City we discovered that there were a few public areas of the neighbourhood that had not fully been incorporated into the City's maps and schedules for maintenance.  In particular, the grass along the south side of Ellerslie road and the two shrub beds under the neighbourhood signs adjacent to the corner of Ellerslie Road and Graydon Hill Blvd SW.  When trying to get quotes for flowers it was clear that the City was far and away the best choice by price, availability, and expertise for planter and flower provision.  Especially due to supply constraints faced this summer.  Because of the overlap of the flower work and the shrub beds at Ellerslie road and the City's pricing for shrub bed maintenance and mulch supply it also made the most sense to continue with them for mulch bed rejuvenation.  

With respect to grass mowing and trimming, the City admitted to staffing difficulties and it seemed appropriate to go with a third party contractor for this even though that adds complication when trying to time the work with respect to City crew visits.  We wanted to trial a relationship with both the City and a private contractor to give us experience in how the management of these services might work with each of them.

To improve beautification in the community, flower pots and planters were installed at the main entrance, pond and the corner by the park. In-ground annuals in the beds by the main entrance signs were also planted and being maintained.

Speeding in Graydon Hill

The HOA has received emails from concerned residents about speeding in our community. While this is outside the scope of the HOA, we would like to remind all residents that the speed limit in our community is 40km/h. As we are well into the summer, residents should take extra precaution when driving in our community as kids will be playing outdoors. We need your help in making our community a safe place for all.

Transition from Developer to HOA

The transition of control from the developer to the HOA is ongoing.You may have noticed that the Ellerslie road grass area has not been well maintained this summer.  Unfortunately, even though that area was 'turned over' to the city for their maintenance it was found to have failed inspection by the city and has fallen back into the responsibility of the developer.  As such, we have not paid for our third party contractor to maintain this area as it should still be the financial responsibility of the developer until such time as it meets inspection. Getting this maintenance to happen to our satisfaction requires complaint through the 311 service by the city.  We encourage all residents with complaints about the level of care of public areas to leverage the 311 complaint service as it is effective in moving the City into action on our behalf.  We have a fine line to walk between just paying for the City to do extra work for us (which they did an excellent job of) and having that extra work replace their responsibility to provide a basic level of service under the taxes we all already pay them.  That level of service has been lacking in some regards and, unfortunately, it will take our collective complaint to make that happen.

Land Titles

The HOA was informed by a few residents that their land titles had a pending registration queue related to the developer transition over to the HOA. The HOA was unaware of this and spoke with the law firm named on the titles and they noted that all homeowners in Graydon Hill have a pending registration on their land titles. This is strictly procedural and is not a lien or anything that will restrict homeowners. Transfer of ownership from the developer to the Graydon Hill HOA is not 100% complete and all homeowners in the community will have this pending on their land title until it is complete. The current estimate given by the law firm to have land titles updated is October 2022. 

HOA Fees

HOA fees were due on July 31, 2022. Homeowners who have not yet paid their dues by the due date will receive a follow up letter in the mail. The HOA fees are mandatory and participation is compulsory.  Late-payment fees will be charged to late payers in accordance with our By Laws.

Annual General Meeting

The HOA is currently planning the next annual general meeting. A letter will be sent to all homeowners with information about the meeting at least one month before the meeting date. Please note that to be able to participate in annual general meetings, homeowners must be “In Good Standing”. Having an outstanding balance on your HOA fees means you no longer are “In Good Standing” and would not be eligible for future voting.

Thank you

Lastly, we would like to thank residents who have reached out to the Graydon Hill HOA with feedback, questions and comments. This connection to the community helps us address concerns that come up and helps guide the work that we do. We look forward to meeting you all at the annual general meeting. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer!