Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Graydon Hill Homeowners’ Association (GH HOA)?

The GH HOA is a not-for-profit company governed by the Societies Act. It was created to ensure that certain features and amenities of a community are maintained and managed for the long-term use and enjoyment of its member residents. The GH HOA may set a desired course for the use of common areas, such as the community’s landscaped areas, and helps to ensure their financial sustainability over time.

Do all Graydon Hill homeowners pay a GH HOA Fee?

Yes. All properties that have the legal encumbrance registered on their land title are part of the HOA and are mandated to pay fees. Please see the Maps and Guidelines section for the community boundaries.  A home within the community boundaries should have a legal encumbrance listed within its Land Title Certificate.  A current copy of your certificate may be ordered through a registry agent.

How do I pay my HOA Fees?

Check out the Membership Info page for details on how to pay.

Why HOA fees? What benefits do you receive by paying the annual GH HOA Fee?

The GH HOA provides an opportunity for residents' input into the maintenance of their community and serves as a vehicle to preserve and enhance the level of maintenance of items such as: wood screen fencing on major roadways and walkways, entry treatments, landscape features, boulevards, and additional items at the discretion of the GH HOA.

Doesn’t the City maintain all of the common space?

Yes, the City of Edmonton owns and is to maintain common or park space (known as Municipal Reserve), however their program is large and diligence to your community may not be to the expectation of Graydon Hill residents. Throughout the history of Graydon Hill's development, additional maintenance has been provided to compliment the City’s efforts. GH HOA will have the opportunity to do the same moving forward.

How is the GH HOA Governed?

The GH HOA, including the features and amenities, is governed by the Societies Act and bylaws, and administered by a Board of Directors which will be made up of a number of selected residents and managed by MLC Group under the management agreement included in the information provided by your lawyer.

How many homes are there in Graydon Hill?

There are approximately 365 single family homes in Graydon Hill.

How are the Board of Directors elected and how long is the term of office?

The members on the Board of Directors are elected annually at the AGM (Annual General Meeting).  Each board member must be a member in good standing at the time of his/her election and throughout the term of office.  Membership on the board is strictly a volunteer position.

Is the GH HOA looking for volunteers?

Yes! Please email to express your interest.

What about clearing the snow in winter?

The HOA board did look into winter snow clearing activities but, unfortunately, it is not a service we intend on contracting for the following reasons:

  • It is very expensive!
  • Part of the expense is the liability coverage that needs to be held for the significant risk to private and public property.
  • Also contributing to cost is the HOA mandate to have services benefit all residents.  If we clear one street, we would aim to clear them all, and this would be a significant undertaking.  We would want to operate it like we do the summertime maintenance which targets all the public spaces in the neighbourhood.